about us

Be The Church

We desire to see others succeed in life in whatever capacity they involve themselves Our focus is making Jesus famous. We believe that everybody is looking to have value in life & Everyone is trying to make sense of what they were created for. It is our hope that we can be a resource for them to achieve their destiny. By helping others reach their destiny we are reaching ours.

Love God, Love People

It is really simple what we are called to do... LOVE GOD & LOVE PEOPLE. We want to see signs & wonders but at the end of the day we want to have learned to love. To love people like God asks takes something beyond ourselves. Human love is limited to how people treat. If they are nice, it is easy to be nice back. If someone hurts you, it is natural to want them to hurt as well. God is asking you and I to move past the natural response & respond in Love. That takes a supernatural love that is offered to those who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord. Not only is this Love offered to us, but it is expected that we will live it.

Follow Jesus

Grace Church is honored to help light the way for all who will follow. By the Grace of God we are going to make heaven & by His grace we are taking countless others with us. We do not pretend to have all the answers but we have confidence that God has started this & He will finish it. No matter what we accomplish in life or ministry the question is really pretty simple. Have we followed the example of Jesus & have we learned to love?